Cairo by Example

Learn Cairo and StarkNet Smart Contract programming with example code.


Welcome to "Cairo by Example", an effort to create an onboarding and reference documentation for Cairo- and StarkNet Smart Contract programmers.

Use the navigation on the left or the search at the top to browse through topics, concepts and examples.

Note that the code you'll find here hasn't been audited.

Cairo Playground

To tinker along you can use the Cairo Playground in your browser without installing the Cairo Toolchain on your local machine.

StarkNet Playground

To play around with StarkNet Smart Contracts you can use the StarkNet Playground in your browser without installing any tooling on your local machine.


Did you find a typo, have a code snippet to share or want to contribute to this project? Simply file an Issue or submit a Pull Request on GitHub.

Every page also has a link at the bottom that will redirect you directly to its source code.


You can find me online at muens.io. Also feel free to send me an E-Mail via philipp -at- muens.io or ping me on Twitter if you have any questions, comments or feedback.